The Peruvian Amazon is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity and endemism on the planet, as well as the Peruvian biogeographic region with the lowest human population. Despite having the lowest population density in the country, it is also the most anthropologically diverse. Most of the ethnic groups of the country settle in it and the majority of the native languages of Peru are spoken there.

Peruvian Amazon is divided three major tourist place


Iquitos is situated in Northen part of Per along Amazon River, you will see snakes, flogs, and native community.


Heliconia Alazon Lodge 2D1N // 3D2N // 4D3N

Ceiba Top Lodge 2D1N // 3D2N // 4D3N


2, Tambopata

It is based on Puerto Maldonado which is 30 minutes flight from Cusco, along Madre de rios (Mother River). Here you will see a variety of birds and beautiful nature


Explorer’s Inn 4D3N // 5D4N

Posada Amazonica 2D1N // 3D2N // 4D3N

Tambopata Reserch Centre 3D2N // 4D3N // 5D4N


3, Manu

Manu National Parck is World Heritage Site recognised by UNESCO in 1987. You will see variety of animals and birds, especialized in this area.

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