Day 1

Guests are received at the airport and taken to the office before continuing by bus to the port in the Native Community of Infierno, where we board a boat to embark upon the hour and a half journey upriver, to Explorer’s Inn Tambopata Ecolodge.
During the journey we will have a boxed lunch, and be able to see caimans, turtles, aquatic birds, capybara and other native wildlife. Upon arrival at Explorer’s Inn Tambopata Ecolodge, we will be received with a welcome drink.
After a short rest we will go on a short nightwalk to observe some of the nocturnal animal species of the rainforest.
Upon our return we will have dinner accompanied by our guide and a Resident Naturalist (RN), who is at our disposition to answer any questions about the Amazonian wildlife and the Tambopata National Reserve.

Day 2

After breakfast we again embark on our boat to navigate 3 hours up the Tambopata River, until we find ourselves deep within virgin amazon jungle and with fantastic possibilities to see its wildlife.
During the journey we will pass interesting formations of basaltic rock, perhaps some gold prospectors, and beautiful sandy beaches, before arriving at the claylick before midday. This site consists of a small cliff face, around 200 meters wide; where for reasons that are still unknown, hundreds of macaws and every kind of native parrot congregate in an unforgettable spectacle of color and sound, to eat the mineral rich clay.
Once installed in our campsite we will eat our boxed lunch and after a short rest, depending on the season, we can bathe in the river if so desired, later taking a walk on the surrounding trails before returning for dinner and camping for the night.
Note: For motives of time or any other consideration, Day 2 activities can be replaced with those of Day 4, therefore extending the start of the excursion to the claylick by one day.

Day 3

Early in the morning we will have the opportunity to visit and experience the unique display of the macaws at the Chuncho Macaw Claylick.
When guests are ready, we will return to the boat to go back to Explorer’s Inn Tambopata Ecolodge, on the way enjoying the lunch that we will be given.
We will have the afternoon free, to be able to rest or take part in any independent activity. At nightfall and after a presentation about caimans given by our guide, we will once again board our boat, to search for and observe caimans on the banks of the river, using spotlights.
On our return we will have dinner in the company of our guide and a Resident Naturalist (RN), who will be available to answer any questions about the amazon rainforest, or the experiences of our journey in the Tambopata National Reserve.

Day 4

In order to see endangered Giant River Otters, we must wake very early and set off with our guide, on the 5 ½ km walk to Cocococha Lake.
On the way we have the opportunity to see exotic plants and insects, multicolored butterflies and birds, monkeys and with some luck, perhaps even some of the larger terrestrial mammals.
Arriving to the lake, and hidden in a blind, we wait for the Giant River Otters to appear so that we may observe them. During the wait we will enjoy a snack.
We also have canoes that we can use for short rides on the lake, so that we may observe the rich and varied wildlife on its banks.
After returning to the lodge we have lunch and in the afternoon there is the option of either resting, or visiting the tower. Our tower is 42 meters high, allowing us a spectacular view of the reserve. From here we can take a short walk to Sunset Point with our guide, in time to see the unforgettable view of the sun setting over the jungle.

Day 5

We will wake up in time for an early breakfast, before returning to the boat for our return journey. This will be the perfect chance to enjoy the last beautiful views of the jungle from the river. Arriving in Puerto Maldonado, we will be taken to the airport in time for returning flights.